The Early Years

Records show the following:

1893: Volunteer department with 28 members, no steamer, no hand engine, no truck, two chemical engines, ladders, two hand hose carts and 1,000 ft. of 2 ½” hose.

1907: Volunteer department with 28 members, two hose carts, 1,500 ft 2 ½” hose, fire alarm-whistle at water works.

1914: Seven organized members paid for fires attended, 1,500 ft of 2 ½” hose, fire alarm-whistle at water works and an alarm and bell at city hall.

In 1923, the Chillicothe City Council established the Chillicothe Fire Department (CFD) through an act of ordinance, and Chief Thomas Anderson became the first official Fire Chief of Chillicothe.

From 1923-1953, The CFD had unofficial fire protection boundaries outside the city. A group of firemen from the city founded a non-profit organization called the Chillicothe Community Fire Department (CCFD) in 1953 to address the issue. The CCFD established a fire protection district to better serve the residents outside of Chillicothe’s corporate city limits. The first CCFD board was elected on Oct 30th, 1954.

From 1945 to 1967 the citizens of North Chillicothe were served by the North Chillicothe Fire Department. When the two city governments became one in 1967 the North Chillicothe Fire Department members voted to turn over all assets and monies to Ambulance Rescue 33.

From 1953 to 2017 the residents of Chillicothe and surrounding areas were served by two different fire departments. The CFD for those within the city limits and the CCFD for those outside the city limits. It was only two departments on paper and funding. The CFD was tax funded and the CCFD was funded by voluntary subscription bills sent out yearly. The CFD and the CCFD have always operated as one department when responding to calls within their service area, sharing manpower and equipment.

Present Day

The citizens outside of the city limits voted to form the Chillicothe Community Fire Protection District (CCFPD) in 2017. The CCFPD was approved by the Peoria County Board on April 28th, 2017.

From 2017 to 2019 the departments (CFD and CCFPD) continued to operate as one department. In 2019 the citizens of Chillicothe voted to join the CCFPD. On Aug 1st, 2019, for the first time in its history the fire department became one unit. The CCFPD is governed by an outside board of 5 citizens. Four members from Peoria County (two reside in the city limits) and one from Marshall County who are appointed by their respective county boards.

The CCFPD serves over 15,000 people and covers 106 square miles. These limits extend from the Illinois River to east of Rt. 40, south to Detweiller Park and north to Hopewell Estates. We respond to:

  • Any Fire Situations
  • EMS Calls
  • Auto Accidents – Heavy Duty Extraction
  • All Types of Rescue Calls
  • River Fire & Rescue
  • Property Maintenance
  • Liquor License Inspections
  • School Fire Drills and Building Inspections
  • Commercial and Industrial Plan Reviews for Building Permits
  • Rental Inspection

The department has grown a lot since 1893. Going from a whistle on the water tower to every member having a radio, pager and yes, an app on their phone. Going from two hand trucks to the list below.

  • 5 Engines
  • 1 100 ft Ladder Truck
  • 1 3,000-gallon Tanker
  • 1 Heavy Rescue Truck
  • 1 Light Rescue Truck
  • 1 Brush Truck
  • 1 Hover Craft
  • 1 Utility Truck
  • 1 UTV
  • 1 Command Vehicle
  • 1 Rescue/Fire Boat
  • Over 16,000 Ft of Fire Hose